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Open Source EMR's

ClearMedica offers a broad range of open source EMR installation, configuration, support and consulting services to accommodate every budget and need. Whether you have a small clinic, or a large clinic, we've got you covered.


Patient Registration
Registration features include capitation or FFS practices and roster management. Capable of managing multiple provincial cards for one patient. Health card swipes are transferred to the EMR.

Easy to manage patient scheduling with a highly customizable view of provider groups and individualized booking preferences. Inter-clinic meetings are also easily booked.

A tickler system provides a reminder to team members and can assign tasks with a specified priority.

Features super-code for smart and simplified billing and third party billing.

Patient Encounter
Complete electronic charting of all encounters with an up-to-date cumulative patient profile (CPP) which provides a snapshot view of important demographics, all active medical problems, medications, allergies, significant past history, family history, and social history.

Prescription capabilities with drug-to-drug interaction and renal dosage adjustment decision support, personal favourites, patient?s pharmacy, and drug allergy alerts.

Chronic disease management (CDM) maximizes revenue generation through monitoring and alerting of preventive screening and best practice interventions.

CDM flowsheets for diabetes, COPD, INR, etc. facilitate the capture of data and measurements. They are customizable for each patient and attached to the CPP.

A sophisticated antenatal care record with an antenatal planner.

An easy to use referral system with patient?s important information automatically transferred to the referral letter.

Real time communication with MyDrugRef, a social network of trusted colleagues whose postings may relate to the drugs your patient is taking and which can be displayed as you are prescribing these drugs.

MyDrugRef is provided at no charge and is included in the EMR solution.

Lab interface
Results from laboratories can be directly imported into the EMR or may be scanned.
  Scanning - the "paperless clinic"
Diagnostic imaging results and consultation notes can be scanned into the EMR where required.

Supports the inclusion of scanned and electronic notes plus interfaces with electronic fax servers.

EMR - day-to-day in your clinic
Patient demographics are easily maintained.

Wide range of party forms are provided. Highly customizable eForms, specific to your clinic, can be created.

Secure messaging system for communication within the clinic. Encounter-centric messages will be saved in the CPP.

Extensive tickler system delivers timely alerts and reminders; these can be saved within the patient encounter.

Clinical resources can be accessed at the point-of-care.

Disease Registry to support population health analysis.

Reports and Forms
Over 20 standard reports are available; for example, Active Patient List, Consultations, SCBP Demographic, Injections, etc. Multiple selection parameters include from/to dates, doctor(s), age, etc. Reports, specific to a clinic?s needs, can be developed.

Numerous forms can be added to the encounter and include Lab Requisition, Growth Chart, Annual Physical, Intake, etc.

Patient Portal
Secure messaging with patients.

EMR benefits include:
  • Improved medication control.
  • Unification of medical information.
  • Improved clinical communication.
  • Accessibility from outside the clinic.
  • Better patient care

The ClearMedica pricing advantage
Implementation costs are independent of any funding sources. This potentially provides the clinic with funds for further application enhancements, for example, structured transcription services to automate data entry into the EMR, and which can further increase your clinical and patient care efficiencies and effectiveness.

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